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Property Developer: St.Felisse Realty
Project Location: Molino 4, Bacoor, Cavite
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Size: 42.4 sqm - 119 sqm
Price Range: Php 1.9M - Php 5.3M

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Elisa Homes Philippines

Elisa Homes By St. Felisse Realty

Want to explore Bacoor City in Cavite? Bacoor is Cavite province’s gateway to Metro Manila and here, you will find the Elisa Homes, a house and lot (or lot only) community for sale in the heart of Bacoor. At this enchanting horizontal community, you will find some of the biggest floor and lot areas throughout the CALABARZON region.

Owned and developed by St. Felisse Realty and Development Corporation, the Elisa Homes is a medium-cost housing project which offers some of the best 2-Story homes coming in a wide array of configurations.

You can choose among the offered 2-story Townhouses, 2-story Duplexes, 2-story Single Detached, and 2-story Single Attached houses that will fit your family’s need of space. These house configurations are St. Felisse’s modern contemporary House Design Series carrying the company’s classic designs with a 21st-century twist. The houses are in sync with the community’s well-thought of recreational amenities and various village features that truly define modern families wanting to have a cool home away from the busy metropolis without sacrificing conveniences.

The project is surrounded by some of the natural features of Bacoor, such as a vast area with vegetation, lush greens, and various species of trees. The property’s interior is also laced with landscaped gardens, well-manicured lawns, and tree-lined roads. As the city of Bacoor is currently experiencing a rapid shift from an agricultural-based economy to a commercial and residential urban center, the Elisa Homes remain more pristine than ever.

Elisa Homes is located along Molino-Paliparan Road, Brgy. Molino 4, Bacoor City, Cavite. The project lies near the Likha Molino IV Elementary School, Sitio Dolores Resort, Uber Grill & Eatery, and less than 250 meters from SM Center Molino. Brgy. Molino 4 is one of the most progressive villages in Bacoor which also host some of the big establishments, churches, commercial banks, cinemas, service sectors, schools, medical institutions, and other commercial centers.

The site is less than a kilometer away from the intersection of Molino-Paliparan Road and Daang Hari Road, while the Molino-Alabang and Molino-Ayala Makati UV Express Terminals are just 200 meters from this intersection farther north.

House models at the Elisa Homes Bacoor

  • Dahlia Townhomes Inner Unit: The Dahlia Inner Unit home type is a 2-story Single Attached Townhome that comes with a floor area of 42.4sqm and a lot area of 48sqm. This home unit has 2-BR, 1 T&B, uncovered carport, and spacious living, dining, and kitchen areas. The 2 bedrooms are all upstairs while the bathroom is at the first floor. The house comes complete (carpentry, finishing, electrical installation, plumbing, roofing, and concentrate and masonry) with partition walls for bedrooms. 
  • Canalily Townhome End Unit: The Canalily home model is a 2-story Single Attached Townhome end unit with a floor area of 42.4sqm and a whopping 72sqm of lot area. The home unit has a 2-BR, 1 T&B, a service area, a carport, and a space for a garden or a lawn. The two bedrooms are both located on the second floor and have partition walls. The house comes complete (carpentry, finishing, electrical installation, plumbing, roofing, and concentrate and masonry). 
  • Pearl Single Attached Unit: The 2-story Single Attached Pearl Townhome has a floor area of 78sqm and a remarkable lot area of 100sqm. It has a 3-BR, 2 T&B, a service area, an uncovered carport, and spacious living, dining, and kitchen areas. All bedrooms are located on the second floor with one toilet and bath, while the other bathroom is on the first floor. The house comes complete (carpentry, finishing, electrical installation, plumbing, roofing, and concentrate and masonry) with partition walls for bedrooms. 
  • Sapphire Single Detached Unit: The Sapphire is a 2-story Single Detached Unit that has the largest lot area of 100sqm, while the floor area is 78sqm. This stunning house model has 3-BR, 2 T&B, larger spaces for both backyard and front yard, service area, a carport, and lanai area. The house comes complete (carpentry, finishing, electrical installation, plumbing, roofing, and concentrate and masonry) with partition walls for bedrooms.  

Elisa Homes is a townhouse community that is being developed by St. Felisse Realty and Development Corporation. This mid-cost housing project is located in Molino 4, Bacoor, Cavite. This project consists of lot only and house and lot units to purchase for interested home buyers. It is the perfect opportunity for Filipino individuals and families who are interested in acquiring their own property at a cheap cost. In addition, Bacoor serves as the gateway to Metro Manila. It is the perfect choice of location for those who want to live outside of Metro Manila but still get close to it.

St. Felisse Realty and Development Corporation envisions a mid-cost housing project that make lifestyle living accessible to more Filipinos. All of the townhouses available at this development are of 2-story configurations. There are also different designs and configurations to choose from to ensure that you can maximize the space and design offered to fit your family’s unique needs. Among the options available are 2-story townhouses, 2-story townhouses, 2-story single attached, and 2-story single detached homes. Each of these configuration types is available from St. Felisse Realty and Development Corporation’s House Design Series. Thus, you can expect classic designs that come with a modern twist. The house designs are well integrated into the recreational and leisure amenities that are available for this community. This is consistent with the realty firm’s commitment at enriching the lives of its homeowners. 

St. Felisse Realty and Development Corporation is an emerging real estate development firm. With a tagline, “We Build Life, We Construct Happiness”, you might have an idea of what to expect from the company’s design and housing solutions. This multifaceted organization was founded in 2015; thus, it is one of the newer real estate firms in the country. But with that short period of time, it was able to develop residential and commercial spaces that are distinctively value-based. This is a company that takes pride in its focus on honesty and integrity. Aside from the townhouse project in Elisa Homes, they also have another project in Cavite – Georgetown Heights. They have a flexible range of housing solutions so your needs, as well as your budget, are taken into account. If you want quality housing for less, they are the way to go!

There are numerous options when it comes to the model houses available at Elisa Homes. As mentioned above, the fact that there are plenty of options available can ensure that you can provide the home that your family needs. The first house model available is the Dahlia Townhomes Inner Unit, which is a 2-story single attached townhouse. The total floor area for this townhouse unit is 42.4 square meters while the lot area is 48 square meters. This house model unit comes with 2 bedrooms, 1 toilet and bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and uncovered carport. The bathroom is located at the ground floor and both bedrooms are on the second floor. The total package price for Dahlia Townhouse units is PhP 1.9 million.

The next option available is the Canalily Townhouse Unit, which is also a 2-story single attached housing unit. It has the same floor area as the Dahlia unit (42.4 square meters) but it has a bigger lot area at 72 square meters. It comes with 2 bedrooms, 1 toilet and bathroom, garden/lawn area, and carport. The unit is sold at PhP 2.47 million.

Another unit option at Elisa Homes is the Pearl Single Attached Unit. This 2-story single attached townhouse unit comes with a spacious living space at 78 square meters in floor area. On the other hand, it comes with a remarkable 100-square meter lot area. It is ideal for larger families because it features 3 bedrooms, 2 toilet and bathrooms, living area, dining area, kitchen, service area, and carport. All of the bedrooms are located on the second floor and there is a toilet and bathroom for each floor. If you want this home for your family, the total cost for this housing unit is at PhP 4.5 million. 

Finally, the Sapphire Single Detached Unit is another option available at Elisa Homes for interested buyers. This single detached 2-story unit offers 100 square meters in lot area. The floor area is still pretty spacious at 78 square meters. The house model includes 3 bedrooms, 2 toilet and bathrooms, spacious front and back yard, lanai area, carport, and service area. The partition walls for the bedrooms are already available when you move into this housing unit, which makes it highly convenient for interested buyers. The plumbing, roofing, carpentry, finishing, and electrical installations are also readily available.

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St. Felisse Realty Elisa Homes in Bacoor, Philippines is a premier Townhouse project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Elisa Homes, then check here first. We have full details of Elisa Homes updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping or showroom visit, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. Always only buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents.

Elisa Homes - LOCATION

Elisa Homes Location

Elisa Homes - AMENITIES

Elisa Homes Amenities

Elisa Homes - Price List

Elisa Homes For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Prices Area(sq.m.) Notes
Dahlia (Inner Unit) ₱ 1,989,088 LA: 48 sqm / FA: 42.4 sqm
Canalily (End Unit) ₱ 2,476,376 LA: 72 sqm / FA: 42.4 sqm
Pearl - Single Attached ₱ 4,531,200 LA: 120 sqm / FA: 78 sqm
St. Raphael - Single Detached ₱ 5,387,640 LA: 120 sqm / FA: 81 sqm
Sapphire - Single Attached ₱ 5,014,380 LA : 120 sqm / FA : 78 sqm
St. Jude - Single Attached ₱ 5,625,600 LA : 120 sqm / FA : 81 sqm
St. Michael - Single Attached ₱ 4,569,984 LA : 108 sqm / FA : 75 sqm
St. Peregrine - Single Attached ₱ 7,604,760 LA : 130 sqm / FA : 119 sqm
Sto. Niño - Single Attached ₱ 7,272,930 LA : 130 sqm / FA : 111 sqm

Why Invest In  Elisa Homes

RFO Units available at the Elisa Homes

There are available houses now in Elisa Homes which come complete in finishings and deliverables and are RFOs (ready for occupancy). Some investors are reluctant to invest in an RFO unit because they believe that these housing units are more expensive than pre-selling types. This could be true for older and larger real estate developers. But since St. Felisse is a brand new name in the industry and they want to build more homes to build their name, they offer houses in RFO status with slight changes in prices during the launching period. Investors should take this advantage as products are only available while supply last. For more information on how to make a reservation, how to purchase in cash, and other info regarding Elisa Homes Bacoor Cavite, you can have a nice chat with our licensed real estate broker on this website any time.

Easy to pay via Bank/ In-house Financing

With a low reservation fee, low down payment (DP), and flexible payment options, you can have your own home quickly while you don’t have to wait for a large sum of money to come your way. At the Elisa Homes, you can change your life instantly and be a homeowner without having to resort to loan sharks just to pay your monthly amortization. Of course, you can pay in cash or deferred cash if you have the capacity to do so. But if you are cash-strapped, you can choose either bank financing or in-house financing to pay for the balance of payment. You are treated for a low and equal monthly amortization if you choose either of the bank financing or in-house financing after you have paid the low reservation fee and the DP, which is just 20% of the total contract price (TCP). The loanable amount is 80% of the TCP. Once your loan is approved, it will take you to as low as Php8,664 monthly amortization for a 25-year period (depending on the house model you choose). It’s just like paying your current monthly rent on an apartment that you wouldn’t own even after a hundred years of monthly payment.

Bacoor City is the new emerging residential hub

Aside from the proliferation of several businesses, the establishment of more schools and the erection of various residential subdivisions, the City of Bacoor is considered a bedroom community. Most of Bacoor’s citizens commute to and from Metro Manila for work. The Elisa Homes is located less than 15km from Manila while the CBDs of Makati and Taguig are just a short ride from the site. The city is also traversed by major roads that make your everyday trip to work easier and more convenient. The Elisa Homes is also on the route of various public transport (like buses, UV Expresses, jeepneys, taxis, and tricycles) which make your daily commute swift and smooth. With the more reasonable price and high standard of living (the price of commodities are lower in this city than in Metro Manila), making your permanent residence at the Elisa Homes is more conducive for your children and the family’s budget. Additionally, considering the more family-oriented and the natural surroundings within Elisa will make you think twice before buying a home in Metro Manila or anywhere else. 

St. Felisse Realty & Development Corporation: A new name in residential development

Although the St. Felisse Realty & Development Corporation (or simply St. Felisse) is new in the real estate development (established in 2015), the company is a multifaceted organization. St. Felisse is in the business of developing residences and commercial spaces that are value-based. Additionally, the company gives high regard for honesty and integrity. Aside from the Elisa Homes, the other house and lot package offering of St. Elisse is the Georgetown Heights, also in Brgy. Molino 4, Bacoor, Cavite. The company is built to enhance the potentials of low-to-middle income families and encourage them to have their own home in the middle of a bustling city. St. Felisse also Inspires those citizens with easy and flexible payment options available to them. The company’s belief in this people will realize their dream of owning a home through hard work. As St. Felisse is “Building Life, Creating Happiness”, you can trust your precious money in this company by investing a part of the Elisa Homes.

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