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Unlike other medium-cost housing projects in Cavite, the Elisa Homes has its own recreational amenities and worthy facilities to speak of. Starting from its entrance, which is facing the main thoroughfare of the Molino- Paliparan Road, you will find a well-manicured and landscaped entry gate with guardhouse and 24/7 security. The entire property is fully fenced for added protection for the residents and their properties. Moreover, your new home has a clubhouse, basketball court, children’s playground, parking space for guests, wide concrete roads with curbs and gutters, tree-lined minor roads, underground drainage system, efficient water distribution system, and other well-planned community features. 

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Elisa Homes is a mid-cost townhouse project for families that want to get a quality home for an affordable price. If you expect value, that is definitely what you will find in this housing project. You can enjoy a rich array of facilities and amenities that are designed to enrich your quality of life. With the brand’s commitment to “construct happiness”, they aim to achieve that by incorporating these amenities for your recreational and leisure purposes. 

Most low-cost to mid-cost housing projects are not known to offer the best recreational facilities and amenities. Part of this is because the housing packages are kept relatively affordable, which means that the homeowners will get to enjoy only a minimal array of amenities. But the developers of Elisa Homes want to change the people’s perspective about this type of housing. It comes with a packed array of amenities that enable you to enjoy your time at the community, making you feel truly at home. 

First and foremost, every housing unit will have complete set of basic features such as painted finish, steel casement windows, and interior painted finish. All of the basic fixtures such as electrical, plumbing, and piping fixtures are pre-installed so you won’t have to worry about hiring electrical or plumbing experts to install them. Even the bathroom fixtures have also been installed so you won’t have to incur additional cost to furnish your bathroom. As a bonus, the house designs at Elisa Homes are actually contemporary in nature so it can also be likened to the higher end housing developments but without the cost.

Elisa Homes is a master-planned housing development to ensure that you can have a community that makes your family feel at home. Just like many upscale residential subdivisions, Elisa Homes will have its entrance gate with a guard house. The guard house is manned by security personnel who are responsible for maintaining the security of the homeowners in the subdivision. The entry and exit of vehicles and individuals are carefully monitored to ensure that no unauthorized individual enters the subdivision premises. Aside from the entrance gate, the entire subdivision is also protected by a perimeter fence. 

One of the most notable facilities available at Elisa Homes is the community clubhouse. A clubhouse is a common facility available to modern housing developments. For this development, it serves as the central amenity area and also a social venue for gatherings, community events, and parties, among other things. There are also active facilities that homeowners can take advantage of. For example, there is a basketball court that you can use to play your favorite sports. A children’s playground is also available to allow kids to go out, get active, and socialize with other kids in the community. 

The master plan for Elisa Homes consists of the standard features you would expect to find in many modern housing developments. Among the other notable amenities that you can find include concrete roads, gutters, and curbs, tree-lined minor roads, efficient water distribution system, and an underground drainage system.

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